During a reception in April 2016 Simon Mottram the founder of Rapha and Moritz met. Their conversation started the Nicola Werner Challenge and Simon offered Jersey’s for a memorial ride for Nicola. In September 35 friends accompanied Moritz in his grief on a 200km ride from Paris to Normandy.

Rapha has been instrumental to the Nicola Werner Challenge: of course the jerseys and then as of the 3rd ride the famous Mobil clubhouse comes to Paris. Most importantly Rapha is there to support the NWC activities opens up its network, creates new connections and the team is totally part of our event!

This year the Mobil Clubhouse will be hosting the Breakfast break and welcome the cyclists at the finish line. 

The Barn is more than a hotel, a place that answers one desire : to get away

It's a place discovered maybe two years ago on one of the bike rides with friends; now the Barn has turned into the most frequent destination of our bike rides: it's kind of remote outside of Paris, very well designed, with a friendly team and patron who loves cycling. The croissant, coffee or even a lunch on a tour are delicious, so we've to come back.

This year the Barn Hotel will host the dejeuner break for the Nicola Werner Challenge which is a big help during the Corona period.

If you've a chance stay over night at Le Barn, the wake up call by birds it's worth it! 

In the 2nd year of the Challenge we decided to cater for our own nutrition and Poilâne was there to take care of our growing field of cyclists.

Since then Apollonia Poilâne and team surprised the cyclists with delicious salads, sandwiches and handmade patisseries. 

A stop at the boulangerie to grab a chausson au pomme or a pain au chocolate is almost mandatory on the preparation rides for the Nicola Werner Challenge!

This year Poilâne will be at the breakfast stop and at the finish line to feed the hungry cyclists

We got a jersey and had no real idea for the design, the volunteers didn't come across with a solution. During a bike ride Moritz met Antoine, when he shared his challenge, Antoine only asked: "when do you need the logo and design!" 

All 5 jerseys, the 2 logos and many more elements for the NWC are created by Antoine and Be-Poles. Which is the visible part of the collaboration; with his endless drive and positive energy Antoine pushes us frequently into new territory, so we make "progress".

Guillaume de la Hosseraye and team help the Nicola Werner Challenge to get started: in the week prior to the event Jerseys & Dossards can be picked up at KM0. The ride starts here in the very early Morning hours, in case of a technical problem a helping hand from KM0 will assist.

Take your time and enjoy a very spacious bike store who has some of the best mechanics in town! 

Mairie du 8e arrondissement de Paris

The Nicola Werner Challenge is very honoured to arrive this year at the Mairie du 8e arrondissement in Paris!  

Inventing for Life

The idea of the project was and is to promote HPV cancer prevention and to use Nicola's art as one key media. This may get lost sometimes with all the activity around the cycling event. 

We've been working together for quite some time to publish the HPV flyer "L'art est plus fort comme la maladie" who's going to be distributed to doctors offices in France to share Nicola's message for an active cancer prevention. In addition we've relaunched the exposition "art against cancer" in 2020, however due to Covid it couldn't be displayed yet. 

It is fantastic to have with MSD a partner who strengthens our art activities.

MSD will be at the NWC with a stand during lunch and at the arrival. Probably the best place to learn about HPV prevention. 

Unified Life Science Platform

Medidata came on board with Edition N°4, helping the NWC to deliver the event in Paris in particular with the Bike Plates.

With the bike plate the cyclists dedicate their ride to a relative or friend who has suffered a serious disease such as cancer.


They may have benefited of Medidata's Solutions which are very specialized to digitally enable and accelerate research for treatments, A very prominent use of the Medidata platform is for clinical trials. 

This year Medidata enables us to take the NWC local and to print for each cyclist the dedicated name plate.

Smart Law

LPA CGR Avocats joins the Nicola Werner Challenge as host for an prestigious Tour de France arrival reception on September 20:

The 3 best fundraisers and 2 selected guests of the NWC community will be invited to watch the arrival of the Tour de France, from one of the best roof terraces on the Champs Elysées, with an exquisite French buffet. Each guest may bring a +1

Photographie, reportages, portraits, voyages

Charlotte Lindet takes care of the NWCs visual images; her approach to cycling photography is driven by light, movements, the atmosphere and nature. 

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