This year we're supporting the project "cancer du col" at Institut Gustave Roussy (France) and to the project "Prevention for kids" at the DKFZ (Germany).


Every donator has the chance to be recognised for the fundraising efforts:

  • The 3 people who've raised the most will receive a very prestigious one of a kind recognition

  • individual donations exceeding  €250 could be recognised via a lottery with

    • a dinner for 2 including a presentation from Institut Gustave Roussy about the cervical cancer project 

    • a reception hosted by LPA CGR on top of the Champs Elysees to experience the arrival of the Tour de France 2022 on Sunday July 24.

  • individual donations exceeding €100 for Paris and €50 for all other locations could be recognised via a lottery with very selected rewards which will be mailed with the Christmas Card such as products from  Rapha Fairmean Wilma HutchinsonZefal

  1. ...

  • The group/team that raises the most, will receive a special recognition 

​Donations from groups will be divided by the number of ride participants being in the group:

  • if 2 participants set up a fundraising page and e.g. raise €1000, €500 each count for the recognition;

  • if a participant sets up a fundraising page and raises e.g. €1000 and other participants make their donation to this page, the raised amount will be divided by the number of donating participants.

Representatives from partners will be in charge for identifying the winners.


Due to the limited number of places, we may have to refuse some applications to participate for the event.

Fundraising page